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Residential Remodeling For Your Tampa Home

residential remodeling

Are you looking for a custom carpentry expert for residential remodeling in the Tampa area? Look no further than Premier Design-Build. Our custom cabinet pros design, manufacturer, and install a wide variety of custom wood elements and millwork on the interior and exterior of Tampa homes.

If you're a homeowner or remodeler who's looking for a custom carpentry expert in Tampa, let's talk about your residential remodeling project today. We can help you develop a high-end design for your kitchen, bathroom, or any room in your home that you'll love for years to come!

Design & Build

Our design and build process makes residential remodeling easy and less stressful for our clients. Our professionals work with you step by step to design a new style for your Tampa area home. We estimate the costs, help you to choose the materials, and install our custom cabinetry and carpentry millwork with expertise.

We used advanced technologies and methodologies to ensure you get exactly what you expected out of the remodel. During your consultation, we show you a 3D rendering of different design to help you see what your residential remodeling project will look like when it's finished.

Bathroom Remodeling

There are a wide variety of ways we can make your bathroom remodeling project really special. We provide you with a unique variety of bathroom designs will all the custom features your looking for. From the bathroom cabinets and the custom wall panels to the beautiful custom ceilings we design, every part of your bathroom space will scream luxury.

We've been a part of bathroom remodeling in many high-end Tampa homes. We'd love to get together with you to bounce around some custom ideas and to find out what's most important to you. We can create a custom bathroom design that's tailored to your unique needs and design style.

Kitchen Remodeling

Remove the cabinets from your kitchen and there's not much left in the room. Your kitchen cabinets take up a majority of the space and act as both counter space and storage space. Since they take up so much space, how they look makes a major difference in the design of the room as well as the rest your home. They say the kitchen is the heart of your home, so why not get everything your heart desires when planning your kitchen remodeling project?

Beautiful custom kitchen cabinets, a custom wood ceiling, gorgeous wood wall paneling and custom moldings can add elegance to your home. If you choose Premier Design-Build for your custom carpentry, your kitchen will look amazing. We bring high-end designs to ordinary kitchen remodeling projects in Tampa.

Closet Remodeling

If you're tired of the bare closet in your master bedroom, guest bedroom, hallway, kitchen, or laundry room, let us give you some ideas for closet remodeling. We don't buy and install those cheap metal racks or particle board but custom manufacturer and install all real wood elements in stained or painted finishes.

We're the residential remodeling team to choose for high-end custom cedar, teak, oak, or exotic hardwood closets that are specifically made to meet your unique needs. If you're ready to start looking at some different designs, let's get started today!

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If you're looking for a professional remodeling company in the Tampa area, please call us at 813-949-4380 or complete our online request form.

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