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Premier Design-Build: Our Story

My love of custom carpentry and home building began with a pair of French doors that my wife Cyndi and I installed in our first home to replace the slider that didn't work. Cyndi remembers, "We were so proud of those doors, I hung garland on them that Christmas!"

After that, we were hooked on home improvement. In 1993, we began building our first home.


With a child on the way, we began construction on our first home. The joy of building was fully born along with the joy and blessing of our son's birth!

With growing children, experience and confidence, in 1994, we went into business for ourselves. As our kids grew, we experienced building everything from a custom outdoor glass handrail to in-ground swimming pools, completed many home remodel projects and managed the construction of over 100 new homes.

Our children are now grown and have become our business partners, adding their unique individual talents and making Premier Design-Build a leading family-owned Tampa custom cabinets company.

Over the years, our role has varied from working directly with homeowners to working with other builders as a carpentry subcontractor. Regardless of who our client is, we realize how important it is to fine tune the construction process. We work hard every day to make the process better for our clients so they will love building too.

We Are Here For You!

What started with a pair of French doors is now a successful family-owned home improvement company specializing in Tampa custom cabinets, residential remodeling, design and build new home construction, and custom carpentry. It's been a lot of hard work and an incredible blessing to share the joy of creating with our loved ones. We would love to share it with you too!

If you're looking for a professional remodeling company in the Tampa area, please call us at 813-949-4380 or complete our online request form.

Residential Builders License #CRC1328845 | Commercial Builders License #CBC1256795 | Members of the Architectural Woodworkers Institute