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Top Things To Look For In Quality Bathroom Cabinetry

A good quality bathroom cabinet should last at least thirty years. Unfortunately, most people end up replacing their cabinets much sooner, especially after there's a plumbing leak under the bathroom sink. The common bathroom cabinet has problems like the drawers falling apart, door hinge screws pulling out of the wood, and sagging shelves.

Low quality bathroom cabinets get dysfunctional, don't last, and develop aesthetic issues. As a smart homeowner, you can avoid problems by looking for the following things in well-made quality cabinets.

Bathroom cabinets made to last

As a custom cabinet company in Tampa, we can tell you that bathroom cabinets need to be made to last. Your bathroom is a highly humid place, and we all know what humidity can do to cheap particle board cabinets. Cabinets made on an assembly line simply don't last as long as solid wood cabinets made with dovetail corners and solid construction.

Look for solid wood cabinets instead of particle board cabinets for your bathroom remodeling project. Check the quality of the construction to be sure the cabinet box is not just nailed or glued together. Make sure the drawers are sturdy and that the hardware is strong. Don't go for cabinets with plastic parts! If you're looking for custom cabinetry that's durable and never made with plastic, give our custom cabinet specialists a call today!

Bathroom cabinets that won't fall apart after plumbing leaks

Make sure the bottom shelf of the bathroom sink cabinet is also made of solid wood instead of pressed wood or else the first plumbing leak will cause it to sag and deteriorate. Damp, rotting particle board is the perfect place for mold to grow inside and underneath the cabinets.

Bathroom cabinets that actually fit

Bathroom cabinets that actually fit the spaces in your bathroom are wonderful because they take advantage of every inch in the room. This is where you'll want to think about getting custom cabinets for your home because they're made according to the exact measurements of the space. Stock cabinets are a one-size-fits-all solution. Custom cabinets are endlessly modifiable. They can be designed to fit small or narrow spaces or can be customized with additional shelving to give your bathroom a seamless, stylish look.

Quality cabinets that keep your bathroom organized

Another thing to look for in quality bathroom custom cabinetry is their ability to keep you organized. Most standard cabinets are just a box with nothing inside to organize the space and a limited number of drawers. You'll want to keep your toiletries and personal items out of site, but not where they'll wind up in a heap.

Look into styles that give you options such as roll-out shelving which makes storing and reaching for items in the back of the cabinets easy. Drawer organizers are also very nice to have.

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